Norine V. Rathbone is not your ordinary athlete.

      She's not an ordinary woman either—

        While Major League Baseball has pink-painted wood bats being swung on Mother's            Day by professional baseball-playing men in honor of breast cancer awareness,
Norine is the living breathing version of those MLB pink bats.


A breast cancer survivor herself since January 17, 2001 when she underwent a double mastectomy that saved her life, she is also a real life baseball player for the Las Vegas Sandvipers men's baseball team under the general management of Gary Arlitz, who is a skin cancer survivor himself.

The Las Vegas Sandvipers 25+ American team is comprised of men (and one woman) from ages 25-40 with Norine being the oldest at a young 53 years of age. She started playing baseball in the MSBL, an national men's baseball organization of some 45,000 men playing hardball nationwide back in January of 2000.

At the end of her rookie year she did a routine mammogram that came up positive for breast cancer. Determined to make spring training in 2001 she did her surgeries and cancer treatments. It's one thing to be discriminated against as a woman trying to play a man's game but to have one's body now be the biggest discriminator of all well that just made her mad enough to fight back.

And she did... With a cancer-fighting champion vengence!

With the tenacity of a champion prize fighter, she fought back taking on her chemotherapy treatments like each one was a title fight. Not one to back down from a challenge, radiation treatments fell to her athletic determination to complete the 6.5 weeks of daily doses.

Today Norine is cancer free. But she has a new mission concerning breast cancer awareness. It's about having a plate appearance at one or all of the Major League Stadiums one Mother's Day at a time, in full baseball uniform with her own personlized wood-painted pink bat taking a swing at cancer.

Why? Because it's the right thing to do—have a real live breast cancer survivor who is also a real live baseball player as a real live symbolism of the heart and soul of one who has done the torture for the cure to get to the race for the cure.

Because she wants to share about people who are alive like herself—thanks to your donations to breast cancer research.

The biggest part of Norine's life journey is that she is autistic. Norine has a high functioning form of autism known as Asperger's Syndrome. She loves who she is and would not trade her autistic brain for a normal average one. She is very intellectual and gifted with it. God made her who she is and that's good enoough for Norine. If she never told you she was autistic you would never know it and most people are very surprised when she tells them. SO DON'T DISS ABLE HER. She is quite able to fit into the world on her own terms and be the successful woman she is. She has a disability but it does not disable her.

On January 17, 2013 Norine officially retired from men's baseball on her 12th anniversary of her double mastectomy surgery. Her team is now renamed the Las Vegas Sun Devils. Team general manager Gary Arlitz told her over the phone that she will be playing until she's 80. He's not ready to let her go into full baseball retirement so she did agree to once in a while come back for the team to play in a few games per year... Gotta love a manager who values his baseball players and their playing abilities at any age.

Will you help her realize her own MLB baseball dream
by telling Major League Baseball to let her swing their pink bat in one of their stadiums on a Mother's Day...

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You just have to read the national baseball story that honored me for my 12 years of being one of the few women who got to play huge in a sport with men! I am still shocked by their respect. And they still won't let me retire I had to promise two games a year until I'm 80!

My Sun Devils GM Gary Arlitz told me I had to play until that age... Gotta love a baseball man who honors his finest players.
Hey that's me too!
Call me Chef Aunt Weenie or (Chef Weene' for short ) because I'm a cancer-fighting rebel with a healthy cooking cause. My goal in culinary school right now is to become certified so I can educate other cancer survivors how to eat well for life. Okay it's for anybody who wants to learn how to eat well too. Better listen to your Aunt Weenie because she knows what's good for the inside of you.

Become a Weenie too. Follow me on my blog as I journey my after baseball life. Retiring from baseball is hard so I'm hitting home runs in the kitchen now.

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Come join me on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Lake Las Vegas for a full day of dragon boat racing. It's a paddle for a purpose regatta that is everything... An event that is fun, competitive, a fundraiser that helps to save lives from those afflicted with breast cancer without medical insurance and much more...

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"Cancer can destroy the body but it cannot kill the heart."
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