If you can't smile. Don't read on...
Warning! This material is suitable for all ages!
Norine V. Rathbone is not your ordinary human bean.
Quick. Get out! If you stay on this website you might become a bean!
They are infectious little buggers and this site is contaminated, in fact...
it is totally loaded with make-you-smile beans.

However, if you do choose to stay do so at your own risk. You've been warned. Staying here to explore this website will guarantee that you will be infected for life as a totally cool bean yourself.You may find yourself smiling and laughing throughout it when you least expect to.

Hey what can you say about being a real live human bean? I'll tell you!

It's a blast. A lot of fun. And there's no turning back once you choose to become one.

Life may not be fair at times but it can be a warm sandy beach, a flower-scented mountain, a wet and wild waterslide, or something as simple as a quiet walk in the park plus a whole lot more. Because it's whatever you choose it to be in spite of disasters that come along to discourage you.

Yes there are bumps in the road of life. Breast cancer is a huge one to drive over or around.
But you can't let bumps in the road stop you from your own incredible life journey.
It's not about arriving to the final destination. No way. It's so much more about the ride in getting there. The adventures. The laughter overcoming the sorrows. The smiles wiping away the tears.
And the faith that conquers the hardships when they get thrown at you unexpectedly.

My own life journey started in 1957 in Buffalo, New York. Growing up in Western New York I had a cool beans childhood starting at 3 when my dad put a baseball in my hand. That was the beginning
of this dare to dream baseball road trip of mine which has a long way to go before it ends.

Sure I could tell you more about me. But don't you think it would be much more fun for you
to ask me yourself? And yes, if you do contact me be prepared to be exposed to cool beans. You might catch them. But if you do make sure you pass them on to others. Let's spread the laughter, smile, giggle around. We can change the world with it. How do I know that? Trust me. I just know.

Become a human bean. It's too boring to just be a being...
MSBL Orlando Marlins with A Real Live Pink Bat!

The Marlins fine-tuned me the day before my Detroit Tigers tryout making me their teammate
not just for the day but for life.

Being a baseball sister is very very way cool beans.
I love all my baseball brothers no matter whose team they play for or where on the planet they do it.